Device type information in LAVA Scheduler

The top of the page is made of three rows: static information, dynamic information and metadata.

Static device-type information

  • name - the unique name of the device type. Used to request a given device-type in job definitions. Every user can see a link to the device type template (see Device type template). Admins can see a link into the Django administration interface for this device type.

  • Description - free text field which admins can use to clarify any issues or notable features / bugs in the hardware. e.g. if hardware floating point is not enabled when it would otherwise be expected or to clarify the actual arrangement of cores.

  • health-check - frequency of health checks for all devices of this device type

  • aliases - aliases for this device-type

Device type template

The device type template provides the core configuration for all devices of this device type and provides methods for certain values to be overridden. The template can be downloaded, rendered as YAML, for comparison or debugging.

The available methods and timeouts for this device type are also shown. Not all devices of this type will support all methods. For example, some methods may require additional hardware to be fitted like a USB stick or SATA drive.

Dynamic device-type information

  • Number of available devices (that can be used by the scheduler) over the number of non-retired devices

  • Number of retired devices

  • Length of the job queue

  • Number of running jobs

Device-type metadata

Static information about the device type, usually populated by the admins when the device type is integrated into LAVA.

  1. Architecture version (e.g. ARMv7 or ARMv8) and Bit width (eg. 32 or 64)

  2. Processor Family (e.g. OMAP4, Exynos)

  3. CPU model (often empty but may contain a list of model strings which are all equivalent within this device type).

  4. Cores - a string constructed from the total number of cores specified and the list of cores selected for this device type. This does not infer that there are equal numbers of the specified cores.

The information is available as metadata which can later be used in queries for pipeline results as well as providing basic information on the type of device.

Health Job Summary

Summary of health check results, number of tests completed or failed for all devices of this type in the last 24hours, week and month.

Devices Overview

Summary of the devices of this type:

  • hostname of each device with an indication of whether the device is available. (Tests the connection between the server and the dispatcher.)

  • name of the dispatcher to which this device is connected.

  • Device state

  • Restrictions - summary of any restrictions applied to this device and whether the device is owned by a particular user or group.

  • Device health - most recent health check result.

Jobs for devices of this type

A table of all jobs submitted to all devices of the specified device type, ordered by the most recent submission time.

Note that this differs from the Active Jobs table on the main scheduler which is ordered by the most recent completion time by default.